Two 93pt White Burgundy Wonders From Domaine Robert-Denogent!

Click Here To Buy Two 93pt White Burgundy Wonders From Domaine Robert-Denogent

There are fewer and fewer opportunities to get deals out of Burgundy these days, so when we find one (or two), we tend to grab them quickly (after making sure they taste amazing of course !). Myself and the rest of the Redneck Crew actually love a great white Burgundy as much as a red. It is a really honest, clean and bright expression of Chardonnay. Sometimes, I think I can almost taste it wanting to be Champagne in a great way. The white Burgundy from Domaine Robert-Denogent are prime examples of a deal we had to grab because they're so good. 93 points each, and just great vibes right out of the bottle, click the button below and shop now! Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. David Werlin Redneck Wine Crew