Two Big, Bad, Banging Cabernets Are Back With Great Pricing!

Click Here to BuyTwo Big Bad Banging Cabernet's Are Back Great Pricing

Some things are worth repeating, like a Buc's Super Bowl Victory or a Lightning Stanley Cup for a couple examples. In the wine world, two bottles that are worth repeating are the Signorello Padrone and the Inglenook Cabernets. I have never been one to put my own personal scores on wines, but I have to say the The Signorello is more in the 97-98pt range with it's sheer power and being a poster boy for what BIG NAPA CABERNET is all about. I love this wine, and grabbed a case for the home cellar myself (I've already drank 6 of the bottles). The Inglenook is a totally different animal; leaning more towards a big but elegant, it's almost Bordeaux styled Napa Cabernet, and with the winery price at $100.00 and Redneck at $49.97, yeah, these are definitely worth repeating just like combo Super Bowl and Stanley Cup victories. Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. Tim Alberdi Redneck Wine Crew