**Update** $29.97 Rutherford Cabernet 50% Off Estate Vineyard Mt Veeder Cabernet

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Rutherford fruit and Mount Veeder juice typically means great Cabernet and high prices. With most of Napa Valley not producing 2020 Cabernet, I am starting to see the pull back on allocations and frankly, some wineries going to restaurant only or direct to consumer and no retail. Ouch. Look, I am not a doomsday prepper and have not bought a cabin in the middle of nowhere stocked with ammo, canned foods, and hand grenades but I may grab some extra Napa Cabernet (and Champagne) and be a Wine prepper. The Foley Johnson Rutherford Cabernet for $29.97 and the Brandlin Mount Veeder Cabernet 50% OFF are ones to stock up on. Ammo is tough to find, I have not checked on the hand grenade market, and the grocery stores are limiting some canned goods. All I'm saying is stock up now and I might become a Wine prepper. Tim Alberdi Redneck Wine Crew