Winery Price- $120.00 / Redneck Price- $49.97 - Sodaro 2014 Estate Red Blend Coombsville

Click Here to Buy The Sodaro 2014 Estate Red Blend Coombsville - Winery $120.00 / Redneck $49.97

Sometimes the wine gods smile upon us. Napa deals are getting harder and harder to find and get, so when this deal rolled out- a Coombsville Blend over 50% off- I said to myself, okay reviews are good but what's it taste like? We popped a bottle and I said, 'how much again? OK, we will take it all.' The wine is a 2014 so it's got some bottle age which makes it an even better deal. The tannins are soft, the color is deep, and it's easy on the palate and the wallet. Tim Alberdi Redneck Wine Crew