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The Critic Napa Valley Cabernet For $19.99 Awesome Deal

I am always skeptical of gimmicky labels, so when the rep pulled this cabernet out of the bag, I was like 'here we go again, some made-up label with cheap Mendocino Cabernet that will taste like a vegetable garden that's trying to get by off fancy packaging.' Well, I was wrong. Turned out to be Napa juice, but I was still skeptical. Decent Napa Cabernet I can sell for under $20? Really? 'Ok just open it so I can get back to work' I said. I realized I was wrong once again. When I tasted it, I went from Crtitic to a big fan! This is one of the best under $20 Cabernets (and there aren't too many) you will drink this year. Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. Tim Alberdi Redneck Wine Company

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