Aumont Shuzou "Kumo" Junmai Nigori Sake -- 王紋酒造「雲」純米にごり - 500ml

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Tasting Notes

Mild & creamy. Complex savory flavors with hints of tropical fruits.

Brewery Description

The Ichishima head family immigrated into the Shibata area in 1598 accompanied by the lord of the Shibata Clan, Sir Mizoguchi, who was transferred from Kagadaishoji to the Shibata clan. 

In the 1790s, thefirst owner, Hidematsu Ichishima, moved out from the head family and started a sake production site where Aumont brewery now exists. The very first sake brand was named “Suwa-Mori” after the Suwa Shrine which stands in front of the brewery. Successive brewery owners were keen to learn and socialized with people rich in knowledge. From this experience, they trained young people and helped to develop Shibata’s culture.

Toji (Master Brewer)

Takeshi Tanaka.
Takeshi-san, from the local Agakita district in Niigata, is a certified first grade licensed brewer who has
been making sake since 1986. His sake reflect his effort to keep in mind the principle of producing sake
with sweetness and softness in a natural environment and by sticking to the basics. He and the brewery
have been awarded gold prize for five straight years in a row by the Annual Japan Sake Awards. 

Additional Information

Classification: Junmai Nigori

Prefecture: Niigata

Rice: Gohyaku Mangoku

Polishing Ratio:   60%

Sake Meter Value: -4

Acidity: 1.8 

Water: Soft and pure water from the Kaji River, which flows in Kita Echigo, the northern
part of the Niigata Prefecture.

ABV: 15% 

Size: 500 ml