Echigozakura Namachozou Sake --越後桜 生貯蔵酒 - 300ml

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Tasting Notes

Overall: Smooth & highly drinkable

Aroma / Flavors: Chipper citrus & fresh violets

Mouthfeel: Crisp & refreshing

Brewery Description

Established 1890, producing sake under the name of Shirai Shuzo in Suibara (present: Agano City).

Agano City is located around the center of the Niigata Plain, which is surrounded by a rich natural environment, including the Lake Hyōko, a renowned place where an abundance of swans overwinter.

Additional Information

Classification: Namachozou

Prefecture: Niigata

Rice: Menkoina

Menkoina: "Menkoina" is a non-glutinous rice cultivar developed by Akita Agricultural Experiment Station. It is a selection from the cross Tohoku 143, Hitomebore/Akita 39 in 1988.

Polishing Ratio: 72%

Sake Meter Value:±0

Acidity: 1.3

Yeast: K901

ABV: 15% 

Size: 300ml