Kinmon Akita "ShiroYamabuki Assemblage" Sake -- 金紋秋田酒造「白山吹」清酒 - 720ml

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Tasting Notes

The nose is mild, but on the palate the effect is at once powerful and tremendously elegant: lifted notes of chamomile and soft anjou pear, honeycomb, sweet Kyoto white miso, nutmeg, pumpkin puree, with a very long finish of umami. With such powerful flavors it's surprisingly balanced at a medium weight/body, low acidity, not at all syrupy or heavy, and missing the more intense, pickled notes some tasters associate with koshu.

Shiroyamabuki Assemblage is pale gold in color, with an elegant, gold embossed label depicting magnolia blossoms and an earthy, coral-red capsule. Within, a unique blend is inspired by the blending traditions of Champagne. Assemblage utilizes fresh honjozo as a base with additions of koshu up to 10 years old, as well as kijoshu, kimoto, and junmai.

Brewery Description

It was in 1973 when Kinmon Akita SAKE Brewery Co., Ltd. was established as a current form. The sake brewery dates back to 1936 when the original brewery company, Akita Fuji Sake Brewery, was inaugurated.

The perfect tagline for Kinmon Akita - Searching for a new horizon of taste

Additional Information

Classification: Sake (Blended)

Prefecture: Akita

Kake Rice: Miyama Nishiki

Koji Rice: Menkoina

Yeast: 7 and 9

Fermentation Starter: Blend (kimoto, sokujo, kijoshu, etc)

ABV: 14%

Size: 720 ml