Kuheiji Eau du Désir Junmai Daiginjo 2020 -- 九平次萬乗醸造「 Eau du Désir」純米大吟醸2020 - 720ml

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Tasting Notes

This sake has an amazing flavor field of berries, apple, sweet bread, melon, fennel, oatmeal, rock sugar, and apple pie tones.

Kuheiji’s signature junmai daiginjo.
The challenge was to make an elegant and harmonious sake while bringing the faithful expression of the rice variety used in the glass. To do this, brewing techniques have been developed so as not to distort the primary aromas and make the origin of this sake readable by all. 

Made with Yamadanishiki late growing breeds, this brew features the deep and profound flavors indicative of this variety. These grains are also well suited for long-term aging, while gifting the sake brewed from them a velvety and pleasant mouthfeel

Pasteurized Once, Aged in Bottle

Brewery Description

“It all begins in the rice fields.” The KUHEIJI brand believes the job of brewing is filled with both romance and drama, and it all begins in the soil of their locations in Nagoya, Kurodashō, and Morey Saint Denis, where every year they pay particular attention to the changes that affect our crops. Only by cultivating their own rice can we experience the story that is written out in the fields with every vintage and terroir.

Established 1647, Nagoya, Japan

Additional Information

Seimaibuai: 50%

Rice: Yamadanishiki


ABV: 16%

Size: 720ml