Biasiotto Sui Lieviti Zero 15 Extra Brut - 750ml

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Pale yellow with a fine and persistent beading, a brilliancy in the first poured flutes and acquiring a light and natural cloudiness with the tasting of the bottle.  Intense fragrances with aromatic and fruity notes, with a clear fragrance of yeast and a sensation of harmonious complexity.  Dry, fresh, with a harmonious symphony of tastes and a remarkable aromatic maturity given by the pleasant contact with the fermentation yeasts.

This wine can be served with first or second courses of medium/low aromatic intensity, but also as an aperitif, on its own or accompanied by various appetizers.


After the harvest, the grapes are poured into a stainless steel trailer and immediately transferred to the wine-press, which separates the stalks from the grapes and subsequently presses the grapes: the result is the must and the remains of the pressed grapes. After this, the pulp is transferred into the soft press, which extracts all the must without exerting high pressure and then separates the skin from the liquid part. At this point the must is transferred into the steel vats at a controlled temperature where the alcoholic fermentation starts after the addition of selected yeast. This last phase is of the utmost importance for the final bouquet of the product (fermentation temperature 18°C).  This is the procedure for making spumante. After the addition of cane sugar and selected yeast is transferred to the bottle for re-fermentation and the acquisition of froth.

The re-fermented wine remains with the re-fermented noble dregs which are created directly in the bottle, and give the wine specific and unique characteristics, reminiscent of ancient flavours and century old traditions.


Grape: Glera