Cain Cuvee NV17 - 750ml

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Winemaker Notes

The Cain Cuvée is our most creative endeavor. It’s about the style of Cain and our vision of what classical red wine can be. Drawing from specific vineyards, both mountain and valley, as well as two harvests, we strive to compose a wine of aromatic complexity that is truly silky and sits lightly and refreshingly on the palate. If we have succeeded, the wine will dance on your tongue!


The NV17 illustrates perfectly the way in which two vintages blended together can complement one another. 2016 was a relatively cool year that gave us some lovely, light, perfumed wines, perfect for Cain Cuvee, while, at the outset, the 2017 harvest promised to deliver firm, deeply structured complex wines - the ideal complement to the more delicate 2016s.


The result, NV17 Cain Cuvee, has a bouquet of raspberries, red cherries, forest, and earth, but the best is the palate. This one steps lightly and with elegance - mouthfilling without being heavy, it slips down easy to a delicate, clean finish. Exactly what we want.  This will be a fun one to pair with your grilled seafood, sausages or roasted chicken—think rosemary and thyme!