C.H. Berres Riesling Erdener Herrenberg Spatlese 2002 - 750ml

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Producer Notes

"The Erdener Herrenberg vineyard is situated between the Erdener Treppchen and the Kinheimer Hubertuslay. It is located on the top of the Mosel valley at an altitude of 250-310m NN. The exposure to the wind on the upper part of the valley and the missing shelter by the valley itself forms a bit cooler micro climate. The soil at Erdener Herrenberg consists of 85% grey schist with 15% of finer sediments and is not quite as deep as the soils of the Kinheimer Hubertuslay vineyard. Especially in very warm, low-water years, Riesling wines from this region have a profoundly mineral character paired with very fruity notes. The wines have a ripe, subtle fruit-acid structure. Our vineyard is facing south / southwest and has a slope of 35 °. Wines from the Herrenberg vineyard have not been vinified as single-vineyard since 2003. Nowadays the wines from this area are an integral part of our Estate-Riesling 'IMPULSE'."