Imayo Tsukasa Black Junmai Super Dry Sake -- ブラック今代司 極辛口純米酒 - 720ml

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Tasting Notes

Aroma – very shy at first but subtle hints of umami rich kombu and shiitake dashi stock followed by warm cooked rice entices

Taste – dry and clean with bright acidity reminiscent of Sancerre or Gruner Veltliner but the rich umami and a slight hint of warm brioche reminds you that this is sake

Finish – rich and savory finish is cleansed by the Extra Dryness of the sake preparing the pallet for the next scrumptious bite of food 

Brewery Description

Established 1767

Imayo Tsukasa started as an inn and sake shop. From the late Edo period to the early Meiji era, Niigata was said to have a higher population than Edo. As the heartland of Japan, Niigata was prosperous and bustling with industry. It was also one of the 3 geisha capitals of Japan, along with Kyoto and Edo. It's a tradition that is still alive today. Since the middle of the Meiji era Imayo Tsukasa has been a fully dedicated sake brewery. The Niigata soil was fertile, the Agano water was clean, and we built a facility in Nuttari, a hub for Japanese fermented goods like miso, sake and soy sauce. Nuttari products are in high demand by first-rate chefs around Japan. It was also one of the 3 geisha capitals of Japan, along with Kyoto and Edo.

Additional Information

Classification: Junmai 

Prefecture: Niigata

Rice: Gohyaku Mangoku

Polishing Ratio: 65%   

Sake Meter Value: +15

Acidity: 1.2

Amino Acid: 1.7

Yeast: #9

ABV: 16% 

Size: 720 ml