Minato "Tsuchizaki Harbor" Yamahai Nama Genshu Sake 那波商店「港土崎」山廃生原酒- 720ml

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Tasting Notes

Undiluted and unpasteurized, this bold sake has intense yeasty aromas with strong notes of mushroom. Its robust flavors allow it to pair with heartier foods, such as steak and barbecued meats. It can also be poured as an after-dinner sake.

Brewery Description

Every bottle of Naba Shoten sake is brewed exclusively with locally grown rice, a special brand of yeast and waters from nearby Omono River to produce sake that captures the authentic characteristics of Akita. In appreciation of the local fishermen who have long loved their sakes, the brewers decided to use the name Minato, or harbor.

Food Pairing

Pairs well with fried foods, roasted or grilled meats, vegetables and heavier fish.

Additional Information

Classification: Nama Genshu Futsuu-Shu

Serving Temperature: Chilled

Profile Semi-Sweet

Rice Polish:  67%

Pressing: Yabuta

Pasteurization: None

Aging Length: 2 Years

Aging Type: Can

Rice: Miyama Nishiki

Water: Soft

Yeast: Kyokai 7

Sake Meter Value: 1

Acidity: 1.3 g/L

ABV: 20-21%

Size: 720ml