Monchhof Estate Riesling 2019 - 750ml

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Winemaker Notes

The Estate Riesling is a typical elegant Mosel Riesling with flavours of citrus and peach in combination with a nice minerality. The fresh and elegant acidity shows a perfect balance to the sweetness.  This wine was grown in the vineyards around Ürzig at steep slopes. The slate soil charges the sun heat during the day and passes it to the vine during the night-time. The grapes are hand-picked and afterwards directly pressed after the arrival at the estate.  This wine suits perfectly as companion for seafood and also spicy dishes that are balanced perfectly due to the sweetness. Furthermore it is a nice aperitif on the terrace.



The Mönchhof (the “Monks House or Monks Court”), formerly a possession of the Cistercian Abbey at Himmerod, is one of the oldest wine estates in the Mosel valley. As early as 1177 documents from Pope Alexander III show the abbey owned vineyards in and around the village of Ürzig. Three centuries after the monks built the vaulted cellars, which are still in use today, the monks completed the estate manor in 1509. After the secularization period, the Eymael family purchased the estate from Napoleon in 1804 at an auction in Paris. 


The Mönchhof’s first class vineyards are comprised of the very steep Ürzig Würzgarten, Erden Treppchen and a core holding in one of the most prized jewels in the Mosel valley, the Erden Prälat vineyard. They are planted 100% to Riesling, all with original rootstocks. Archeological digs in the Erden Treppchen vineyard uncovered one of the oldest and largest wine presses north of the Alps. This facility documents that viticulture in the villages of Ürzig and Erden was already viable in Roman times over 2000 years ago.