Musashino Shuzou “Daku” Nigori Junmai Sake -- 武蔵野酒造「濁」純米にごり - 500ml

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Tasting Notes

Mild and Creamy.  

Notes of cinnamon and clove and a fine creamy texture set Daku apart from other sake in this style.

Matches well with spicy food, teriyaki, and hot pots.

Brewery Description

Owned and operated since 1916 by the Kobayashi family, Musashino Shuzo makes expressive and hand crafted sake. They are based in the Joetsu region of Niigata where the sake skews to a little more depth and richness than the classic “light and dry” Niigata style. The famed Toji Kenji Fujii is one of the longest tenured brewmasters in the country, having crafted sake for Musashino Shuzo for over four decades. That experience and dedication to detail shines through in the quality of the sake.

Kenji Fujii, the brewery Toji, is a skillful sake rice grower as well as a forty-year veteran of sake making. 

Additional Information

Sake Meter Value: -12

Acidity: 1.7

Seimaibuai: 70%

Rice: Gohyaku Mangoku & Koshi Ibuki

Prefecture: Niigata

ABV: 15-16%

Size: 500ml