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Peay Ama Pinot Noir 2016 - 750ml

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Winery Notes:

For those who have been following Ama since its inception in 2009, you have witnessed this wine become more refined, seamless, focused and, frankly, delicious. The 2016 Ama has a red apple and deep, tart cherry nose with great intensity of fruit expression on the palate. There is good shape and texture on the mid-palate; not too fat and not too lean. The acidity is fresh and the finish is clean though it lingers. With more air (I decanted the rest of the bottle for 15 minutes) the copper and iron elements come out with deeper cherry notes fattening out the bottom. This is the bottle I selected to drink with medium rare lamb chops tonight. A great pairing. Drink a bottle on release to gauge what stage you prefer it, and hold for up to 20 years if you seek aged qualities.