Robert Foley Petite Sirah 2014 - 750ml

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Winemaker notes

Dark ripe fruit, blackberry and a trace of briar characterize the aroma. This big, yet balanced bottling coats the palate with gently gripping chewy tannin, resolving in a soft pleasant finish. Our Petite Sirah mountain and valley-floor vineyards produce remarkably different characters that are celebrated and combined into this offering.


Not to be confused with Syrah... Petite Sirah was originally discovered by a French botanist, Francois Durif, working at the Montpellier Viticultural Institute in southern France. He found this variety growing in a Peloursin vineyard and discovered that it had good resistance to downy mildew and named it for himself, Durif. Unfortunately, the tight clusters were prone to bunch rot and the wines that were produced were considered too big and tannic for the French palate and the variety was eliminated and is no longer found in France. It did make its way to California and other parts of the world where it is known as Petite Sirah. There is nothing “petite” about it – even the berries are very large and the wines can be enormous. The key to user friendliness is patience to allow the seeds to ripen, allowing the tannins to relax. Through genetics, it was determined that this variety was the result of pollination of a Peloursin flower with Syrah pollen.