The Ranch

In a world of wine snobs, grape purists, terroir elitists, and oenophiles (that’s wine connoisseurs) comes a new kind of wine cowboy who takes the intimidating, pretentious, and complex nature of wine culture and pricks the hell out of it with a sharp needle.

This is Redneck Wine Company, a refreshingly straightforward, genuinely knowledgeable posse of wine fanatics who want to share our love of the grape without sticking our noses in the air. We’re serious about wine but we don’t take ourselves seriously, preferring to dispense our hard-earned wine wisdom with a down-home attitude that’s both informative and entertaining.

Our huge selection of ever-changing wines range from little known boutiques to big name wineries and producers. Whether you’re a newbie, a dabbler or a collector, Redneck Wine Company aims to please with its quality, selection, and super competitive prices. All backed by timely, personal service that’s rooted in southern hospitality.

Redneck Wine Company is a place where wine seekers of all levels rub elbows comfortably with one another. A wine store where you can ask about wines without feeling like a rube. And, a resource for hard to find, small batch, and special release wines. Most of all, we offer a whole bunch of wines that suit all budgets and palates.

Thanks for visiting our website. If you’re ever in our neck of the woods, stop in and say howdy to the gang at 3225 S. MacDill Ave. Suite 117 in Tampa, Florida. Better yet, drop in during one of our Friday night tastings, and for just $10, we’ll be happy to offer you a glass of what we’re sharing.

If you want to get the latest updates, “Like” us on facebook get on our email list or follow us on Twitter. Heck, you can even call us and pick our brain on the phone if you prefer.

We all know that life truly is short. Enjoy the ride with some good wine and your pals at Redneck Wine Company.​​

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