Kinmon Akita "X3 Amairo" Junmai Genshu Sake -- 金紋秋田酒造「X3亜麻色」純米原酒 - 720ml

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 Tasting Notes

Using a proprietary technique, the Toji triples the amount of Koji, creating a sake rich with umami and nutty flavors while achieving an exquisite acid balance.  

Pair with umami rich dishes like lobster, crab, and other treats.

Koji is an integral to the creation of the three pillars of Japanese cooking, sake, soy sauce and mirin. Together they add layers of umami flavors to many traditional dishes. The brewery challenged itself to maximize the umami experience from sake by using 3 times the amount of Koji while still retaining acid balance to create the X3 Amairo which somewhat resembles a cross between a Sauternes and a Vouvray.

Brewery Description

It was in 1973 when Kinmon Akita SAKE Brewery Co., Ltd. was established as a current form.  The sake brewery dates back to 1936 when the original brewery company, Akita Fuji Sake Brewery, was inaugurated.

The perfect tagline for Kinmon Akita - Searching for a new horizon of taste

Additional Information

Classification: Junmai Genshu

Prefecture: Akita

Kake Rice: Menkoina Polished to 65%

Koji Rice: Menkoina Polished to 70%

Yeast: K7

ABV: 15%

Size: 720 ml