Ichishima Brewery Wildflowers Junmai Sake -- 王紋酒造市島家純米酒「かれん」 - 500ml

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Ichishima Brewery has been awarded gold medals at the National Sake Competition in 2015, 2014, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 & 2003.

Tasting Notes

Aromas of lychee, apple, strawberry. Complex, sweet with good acidity.

Brewery Description

The Ichishima family has been involved in sake making for more than 200 years, dating back to the shogun era. In the 1700’s the Ichishima family was one of the top five largest land holders in Japan. It is said that you could walk 40 miles from Ichishima brewery to Niigata City and never leave land that they owned. Today the brewery is well known for its sake museum that is open to the public and are proud to be one of the first breweries to embrace the employment of female sake makers. Wildflower is a tribute to those female brewers. 

Toji (Master Brewer)

Takeshi Tanaka
Takeshi-san, from the local Agakita district in Niigata, is a certified first grade licensed brewer who has been making sake for two decades. He sake reflect his effort to keep in mind the principle of producing sake with sweetness and softness in a natural environment and by sticking to the basics. His sakes have been awarded gold prize for five straight years in a row by the Annual Japan Sake Awards. 

Additional Information

Classification: Junmai 

Prefecture: Niigata

Rice: Gohyaku-man-goku & other rice grown in Niigata

Polishing Ratio: 65%

Sake Meter Value: -44

Acidity: 3.9

Amino Acid: 0.9

ABV: 10%

Size: 500ml