Miluna Negroamaro di Salento 2020 - 750ml

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Importer Notes

The wine appears in the glass in a purple-red with violet reflections. The intense scent is reminiscent of dark and red fruits - especially cherries, plums and black currants. Light spicy notes are also present. Very strong in the mouth, but at the same time soft and balanced. Long finish with a persistent, fruity aftertaste.


Even more than Primitivo, the Negroamaro grape variety stands for very typical red wines from Puglia in southern Italy. Not least because the grape variety can practically only be found in Puglia and is very popular here. What Negroamaro has in common with the Primitivo grape variety are, above all, the intense fruit aromas and the strong body. Negroamaro captivates with an aroma that is reminiscent of cherry, plum and blackberry. In addition, the wines have a spiciness that can be compared to the scent of dried thyme. If you have the popularity of our customers in mind, it is no wonder that the Cantine San Marzano produces a particularly attractive Negroamaro: with our crowd favorite and wine des 2017 - Miluna Primitivo - the winery has already proven that enjoying wine in southern Italy doesn't have to cost a lot. Wine lovers in particular, who have only had good experiences with Primitivo so far, should definitely try this Negroamaro. It proves that Puglia has even more to offer when it comes to red wine than is already known and popular. And that at a particularly low price.