Toro Albala Don PX Pedro Ximenez Gran Rsv 1994 - 375ml

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Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

For those with a sweet tooth, the 2014 Don Px will be a real treat. This is the young, unoaked, extremely sweet Pedro Ximénez that has the essence of raisins, honey and dried fruits. As the wine is produced with raisins they need about four kilos of grapes to produce one liter of wine, which has some 430 grams of sugar and was fortified to 17% alcohol in 2014. The wine is bottled after two years in stainless steel vats. It's rich, decadent, dense and syrupy, with marked flavors of golden raisins. There were 90,000 liters of the 2014, which is available in 750- and 375-milliliter bottle. I prefer to drink this style of wines in their exuberant youth. The price provided is for a full bottle.


Winemaker Notes

Select lots of Pedro Ximénez are destined for oak barrels, sealed and left for decades in single-vintage state. After a minimum of 25 years, vintages are selected for release only when they have attained classic character. Opaque, black mahogany color with a caramel-like bite.